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Upcoming Album: Rust In Time

Our third album, Rust In Time is in the works. Instead of releasing all the songs all at once, we are going to be releasing each song as a single over the next little while. Our first single, Days Untold will be released shortly.

The Story Of Rusty Grey Album Released on May 1st 2014

Our second album, The Story of Rusty Grey, has been released and is now available on Youtube and free download on Dropbox.  

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Feeling Old And Rusty Album Release

Our first album, Feeling Old And Rusty, is now available on Youtube and you can download the full album for free on Dropbox.

We also have 50 CDs printed so if you'd like it just as a novelty item, you can simply contact one of us. We're only selling them for the price it cost to manufacture, which was about $5.

Hope you enjoy the songs as much as we enjoyed making them. Thanks.

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